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Here at Revobid, contract management is all about improving and managing the ongoing supply performance for our clients.

By ensuring that both parties (Buyer and Seller) meet their respective obligations before entering into a contract, we like to manage the following steps with the contract management process:

Managing Service Delivery

Ensuring that the products are delivered on time, to cost and meet the quality standard and requirements of the buyer.

Managing the Relationship

Managing a clear communication between all parties involved during the 'Contract Life-Cycle Management' helps us capture the business requirements from the internal stakeholders and supplier's capabilities in terms of products, service or technological.

Managing the Contract

Supporting the ongoing contract administration, drafting and negotiation of Supply Agreements, Master Agreements, Statements of Work and NDAs by working collaboratively with the Business Units Team, Procurement and Legal Teams.

Seeking Improvements

Driving continuous improvement by seeking innovation, adding value, simplifying the process, reducing risk or reducing cost throughout the length of the contract.

Ongoing Assessment

Making sure that the entire procurement activities will be reviewed and assessed on a continual basis to ensure that the contracts are adhered to and the purchasing processes followed.

Managing Change

Whether the change is related to cost, quality, service, forecast, amendment or any other requirement, we take care of these changes and handle these se effectively on behalf of our clients.

The contract management process can be difficult and time consuming for many organizations but the rewards emanating from a profitably managed contract management process are potentially huge.

Contract Management

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