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Transactional Purchasing

The typical purchasing costs within a purchasing department can run up to 70% of every revenue dollar spend on items ranging from raw materials to services. 

A typical Purchasing Life-Cycle consists of the following six processes: 

- Identifying the need

- Generating Purchasing Requisition

- Approval

- Generating Purchase Order

- Goods / Service Receipt

- Invoice Match / Payment

By following the right procurement process we are able to identify many cost savings opportunities than make a great difference to a company's bottom line.

Some of the benefits that Revobid can help your organization achieve include:

- Reducing transactional costs

- Significant improvements in operational efficiencies

- Improving compliance

- Greater user and supplier satisfaction

- Increasing procurement visibility and reducing maverick spend

- Reducing invoicing issues

- Standardizing content to meet strategic sourcing initiatives

- Eliminating orders for duplicate or obsolete materials

- Shorten order fulfillment times

- Avoiding errors that cause repeat orders

- Ensuring contract compliance

- Reducing staff time involved in purchasing

- Reducing operational costs

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