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Vendor Management

Our Vendor Management Program (VMP) has been designed to properly assess the area of 'Collaboration, Innovation and Supplier Performance within the end-to-end strategic sourcing cycle.


Our comprehensive Vendor Management framework model manages all vendors and classifies these into the following categories:

- Strategic

- Legacy

- Emerging

- Tactical

The key goals and responsibilities within our VM Program are primarily to manage the external spending  for our clients, negotiating contracts, analyzing and improving supplier performance, driving a greater value from supplier relationships, and mitigating the overall supplier risk. 

Our key VM Roles and Responsibilities in managing the Supply include:

Contract Management

Under contract management we assess and evaluate the terms and conditions, contract formation, delivery of services and schedule management. We negotiate the contract and review the performance of the contract that comes with any changes over the life of the agreement.

Relationship Management

We highly value the importance of establishing a business relationship with our internal stakeholders from the early stages of the project initiation. A clear and concise planning and prioritization of tasks and projects with the right flow of communication between our team, client and vendor is our main priority in managing the business relationship.

Performance Management

Under our supplier performance management we focus on the following key deliverables:

- Supplier Segmentation

- Supplier Performance Measurement

- Supplier Consolidation

- Supplier Performance Improvement

Our main objective on the supplier performance management side is to improve the delivery and quality, lead times, reduce risk and secure supply. 

Vendor Risk Management

With our 'Supplier Risk Intelligence' we are able to address risks early in the process of vendor risk management. With the right team in place we put together a plan to effectively execute each of the identified dimensions in the process in a constructive manner.

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